07 4054 5440 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 29-31 Ponzo St, Woree Business Park, Cairns
07 4054 5440 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 29-31 Ponzo St, Woree Business Park, Cairns
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Part of the range of Sierra Specialised Products that we have been trialing in our workshop. Clean Freak Tendencies… Generations of accumulative Italian “clean freak” genetics have ensured even in the grubbiest of Industries such as ours, we have always invested alot into keeping our workshop clean. Apart from an obvious case of OCD (Ross.....
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50th Anniversary Scania
Arriving in Australia for delivery early 2020, this edition has been strictly capped at only 50 Australia wide. More than just the Fleet’s eye-catching hero this Truck is truly one for the individualist. Scania’s 50th Anniversary V8 650hp LIMITED EDITION – ONLY 50 AUSTRALIA WIDE!!Scania has been perfecting V8 trucks for 50 years, and they’ve...
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We are proud of our entire team here at RSC Diesels in Cairns. For a smaller team we sure pack a punch when it comes to delivering specialist services and “getting the job done.”  We’ve had a huge year with a lot of growth and changes happening, and thank our team for being on board...
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Yesterday we were honoured to be recognised by Frances Sotogi (Scania’s Dealer Development Manager) on behalf of Scania the Scania’s Dealer Operating Standard (DOS) which we are now fully accredited for. This means wherever Scania clients find themselves all over the world (even in regional places like Cairns) they can be assured of a seamless...
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About Us…

We are the home of Scania Trucks, Allison Transmissions and Donaldson Filtration products for North Queensland. We are Diesel maintenance specialists and offer fleet maintenance programs for heavy commercial vehicles and machinery for North Queensland.