RSC Diesels as fleet servicing specialist, we will guarantee high up time, minimal to no breakdowns and peace of mind so your fleet will be reliable with avoidable costly repairs.

We specialize in truck and bus servicing for companies with fleets of heavy vehicles. Our extensive experience guarantees quality results and services. We offer a 7 Point Guarantee to give you complete piece of mind.

We believe that scheduled maintenance is not downtime. Saving you money, and giving you more “up-time” through efficient reliable servicing.

This is done with quality trained staff and technicians that use state of the art facilities in a hassle free purpose built workshop.

Other Specialties:

  1. Queensland Government Approved Inspection Station
  2. Engine, Transmission & Differential Repairs and Overhauls.
  3. Electronic Diagnostic Repairs & Overhauls
  4. ZF Transmission Diagnostic Repairs & Overhauls
  5. Reseller of Donaldson Filtration
  6. Spare Parts for all makes and models
  7. Online Service Bookings By Our Website.

Machinery Maintenance

RSC Diesels will tailor a preventative maintenance program for your machinery.The Benefits -

  1. Maximum life can be achieved for your machinery
  2. Unexpected Breakdowns reduced
  3. Costly downtime kept to a minimum

With quality Lubricants, Donaldson Filters and oil sampling for up to date machinery condition analysis.We use the latest computer diagnostic equipment for quick fault finding and precision tuning.


RSC Diesels is also a Queensland Government approved inspection station and has trained technicians that are authorized to carry out vehicle inspections, required under the provis
ions of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 2000.




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Fluid Management

This low cost preventative maintenance program, detects problem causing contaminants and unacceptable wear rates in your machinery. RSC Diesels can help you select the right preventative maintenance program for your specific equipment.

The following outlines a number of areas where we can add value when determining your program.


  • Prevention of major equipment failures
  • Forewarn impending equipment failures
  • Assistance in maintenance scheduling
  • Establish realistic oil change intervals
  • Increased equipment machinery life


  • Savings in equipment down time
  • Prevention of unscheduled down time
  • Lower repair costs – detects problems before they become major repairs
  • Assists with the development of an equipment maintenance program
  • Increased equipment availability
  • Extended oil drain intervals in many applications
  • Detect and identify contaminants
  • Verify warranty problems
  • Extended equipment life
  • Increased Trade-in value
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